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Archipelago Trading Limited (ATL) is a family-owned business located in the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean. We provide a variety of products including duty-free retail, food distribution, money services, shipping and insurance..



Archipelago Trading Limited is located in the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean. We are engaged in a diverse range of business activities including Duty Free Retail (Rolex, Omega, Roberto Coin etc…) Insurance (Beacon Insurance), Shipping (Tropical Shipping), Money Remittance (MoneyGram), Cambio and Food Distribution. In each of our business activities we strive to be a market leader in innovation and service standards.

For example, we were:

  1. First company to settle health insurance claims locally and commits to issuing claim checks within 10 days.
  2. First and only non-bank operator of Bureau de Change (Money exchange)
  3. Leading retailer on island of duty free luxury goods with exclusive representation of Rolex, Pandora and other leading brands.
  4. First locally owned company to offer all staff group health insurance and pension plan.


Dominica Nature Island

Dominica is an independent English-speaking country in the Eastern Caribbean with a population of about 70,000. This tiny, lush mountainous island of 289.5 square miles (754 sq. km.) is located between the French territories of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Dominica is referred to as “The Nature Island” and is NOT to be confused with the Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic.

Roseau, the capital, is a thriving hub and commercial center located on the West Coast. Portsmouth, Dominica’s second largest town is situated in the northwestern part of the island.

Dive enthusiasts will delight in Dominica’s amazing underwater terrain which is lauded internationally and consistently ranked within the top five scuba destinations in the world.

For those who are far from home, we know that Dominica is often in your thoughts. So whenever you visit or require a select service on island, look to Archipelago Trading Limited to assist you with your specific needs – be it insurance, shipping, duty-free shopping, real estate, money exchange or money transfer to friends and family. At all of our outlets, you’ll discover our courteous, efficient service and friendly staff.

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